BEST friends making the BEST food for the BEST health


Mission Statement

We believe that at creation man is given dominion (to protect and to serve) over the animals of sea, air and land — and we are given “every herb bearing seed,… and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Genesis 1:29.

We believe in the need to keep our bodies healthy - we want to help you make sure to eat right, get enough activity and exercise, control stress and be more spiritual, also be well-rested and get better sleep and doing all this in the spirit of friendship and family. We are your besties. Friends, food and a healthy lifestyle is our priority!

Apple treeBesties came together when two families with a love for God and a passion for health met through our respective healthy lifestyle programs held in our own churches. We believe that God in His infinite love and wisdom brought us together - unbelievably we had never met in over 50 years of being in a small Chinese Seventh-day Adventist community even though we have known the same group of family and friends, until almost two years ago a new mutual friend who attended both our healthy lifestyle programs suggested to us that we had to meet each other. We believe that God put Marsha in our lives to bring us together!

Flo and Dr. David Lowe have been running the health ministry program at the Camarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 17 years - with the CHIP program, Vegan Gourmet Club and events like the WHOLE Conference. Newbies Kevin Chan and Gene and Raylene Wu have been involved with SiMiFIT, a community outreach health program at the Simi Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church for almost four years.

When we met, it was like we had known each other forever - we were making up for the 50 years…our first collaboration was working together on Longevity Lifestyle Matters in the spring of 2017. This program combined Dr Arlene Taylor’s program with exercise, food demo and tasting, along with David’s health talks.

We have decided to continue on this new journey together with God at the helm, to help people who would like to transition to a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping those who will come to us for support, the love of God and classes on how to prepare some really awesome and delicious plant-based food.

One of our favorite authors, Mrs. White, once wrote, “Only one lease on life is granted us; and the inquiry with everyone should be, How can I invest my life so that it will yield the greatest profit? How can I do most for the glory of God and the benefit of my fellow men?”

So we are investing our lives in Besties - we are giving God the glory, and He in turn will help us benefit our fellow men. Let us help you transition into the healthy lifestyle that God meant for you.